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With the services of Solaris Electric you can solve the needs of reducing the electric bill of your home, office, or commercial business. Whether with Solar Panels, LED Lighting, Solar Water Heaters, Efficient Air Conditioners or with our Electromechanical Services, you can start reducing your electric bill and your carbon footprint.

Take advantage of photovoltaic energy by installing our solar panel systems. Only with a recent electric bill do we make a free quote.

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With our LED luminaires you can save up to 80% of your electricity bill. Enjoy pleasant lighting environments while saving money.

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We sell and install Solar Water Heating systems. With them, the cost of electricity for this purpose is avoided.

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  • Studies of saving and administration of electrical energy.
  • Electrical mounting
  • Electrical Systems Design
  • Inspection and evaluation of electrical installations.
  • Studies of saving and administration of electrical energy.
  • Electrical Energy Quality Studies
  • Retrofit Systems in low and medium voltage

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Solar Panel Systems

We design and install high quality and custom-made Solar Panel Systems, so you can make efficient use of photovoltaic solar energy. We provide photovoltaic solutions tied to the network and outside the network with attractive investment returns.

LED lighting

We design and install efficient LED lighting systems. We carry out Retrofit of all the luminaires that you have in your Home, Commerce, Office, and Industry. We assure you a rapid reduction of the electricity bill related to lighting.

Solar LED lighting

Forget about cables and spend more money on Outdoor Lighting, with our attractive LED Solar Luminaires you won’t have to worry about always turning the lights on and off.

Electromechanical Services

We offer advice on the diagnosis of the condition of static and rotary electric machines.

Advice on the design and inspection of electrical distribution systems in low and medium voltage.

We provide training and training in topics related to electric machines and electrical distribution systems, focused on the issue of condition testing, operation and maintenance of equipment and systems used at residential, commercial and industrial level.

Installed and Working!

All our projects are ready-to-go, that is, we deliver the system installed and working for the greatest satisfaction of our customers.

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